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Life Stages of Venacia

AdultEmergingI’ve always been fascinated by the Wiccan concept of having life stages and matching them up to the phases of the moon. Where I disagree, however, is in the number of stages being presented. I see four stages, not three, and in my practice I compare them to the waxing moon, the full moon, the waning moon, and the new moon. I also compare them to the four seasons, and the four cardinal directions.

I’ve begun to be more certain, as well, that I don’t want to have separate life stages for genders within Venacia. Science has helped us to see what some cultures already knew: there are more than two genders. Western culture is also rapidly approaching the point where we accept that men and women (and those who identify as either or neither) should not be placed into gender roles, but should define themselves as they see fit. This is a welcome human advancement, and so I think it would be doing a disservice to people to suggest gender roles within Venacia.

Within Venacia there are four life stages:

  • Libera: Period of Youth
  • Opifex: Prime of Life
  • Custos: Advancing Years
  • Senex: Elderly

In a series of posts which I’ll link back to this, I plan to go into detail regarding each life stage, what it means and what it’s marked by, as well as methods for observing each transition. When my book on Venacia is published it will go into greater detail, and my hope is to publish a series of books after that further expanding on each topic as the religion continues to grow.


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